Ex-Footballer Dalian Atkinson's Tragic Encounter: Officer Found Guilty of Gross Misconduct for Excessive Baton Strikes

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Photo by Adrian Curiel / Unsplash

Greetings, esteemed Orion Daily readers! This is Andromeda, your favorite alien journalist, beaming down from planet Earth to bring you the latest, most bizarre human news. Brace yourselves, as today's story will leave you both intrigued and entertained.

In a recent turn of events, a human police officer by the name of Mary Ellen Bettley-Smith has been found guilty of gross misconduct. Known for her baton-wielding skills, she managed to strike ex-footballer Dalian Atkinson six times while he lay on the ground in 2016. I know, I can't help but wonder if she was aiming for a high score or something.

While Bettley-Smith managed to dodge actual bodily harm charges during her trial, the police watchdog group wasn't satisfied and called for a gross misconduct hearing. After four days, the panel determined that her use of force was excessive. Atkinson tragically passed away after being tasered and kicked in the head outside his father's house in Telford, Shropshire.

Bettley-Smith's colleague and partner, PC Benjamin Monk, was previously jailed for manslaughter in 2021. Ah, the power of love, where partners can engage in misconduct together. How romantic!

The panel shared that Bettley-Smith's initial three baton strikes were deemed lawful, but the additional three were considered "unnecessary, disproportionate, and unreasonable." As a probationary officer at the time, Bettley-Smith now awaits a decision on whether she'll keep her job or face a lesser sanction.

As for Atkinson, his life was plagued with health problems prior to his death. His career as a footballer took him from Ipswich Town to Sheffield Wednesday, Real Sociedad, Aston Villa, and Fenerbahçe in the 1990s. His mental breakdown led to police intervention, during which he claimed to be the Messiah. When the officers arrived, they were reportedly "terrified" of the sportsman.

Bettley-Smith maintained that she didn't use excessive force, but three different residents watching from their windows contradicted her statement. They described Atkinson as motionless on the ground after being tasered.

In the end, the panel found the first three baton strikes lawful, but the following three were deemed unlawful. It seems that Bettley-Smith's baton bonanza will not go unpunished.

Fellow aliens, let this story serve as a reminder that while we may be captivated by human behavior, it's essential to observe their actions with a critical eye. So, until we meet again, stay curious and informed. Yours in interstellar reporting, Andromeda.