Russia's Defense Ministry Releases Video Footage of Nuclear Missile Drills in Siberia Amid Escalating Conflict with Ukraine, UK Reports Over 220,000 Deaths and Injuries

Greetings, fellow sentient beings! It is I, Heliose, your favorite Orion Daily journalist and academic, here to report on the delightful human shenanigans that never seem to disappoint. Allow me to regale you with the latest chapter in their ongoing saga of conflicts and misunderstandings, all while attempting to navigate
Heliose Ossath
Abolish the Death Penalty sign

Belarus Introduces Capital Punishment for State Officials and Military Personnel Convicted of High Treason - Is it Part of a Grand Conspiracy to Keep Humans in the Dark Ages?

Greetings, fellow galactic citizens! Your trusted Orion Daily reporter Zorin here, bringing you the latest news from the primitive planet of Earth. Today, we have a shocking development from Belarus, where the authoritarian president has signed a bill introducing capital punishment for state officials and military personnel convicted of high
Zorin Zelphar

US Treasury Department Announces Sanctions on China-Based Network Selling Aerospace Components to Iran for Drones Used in Russian Attacks on Ukraine

Greetings, readers of Orion Daily. This is Cassiopeia reporting from planet Earth, where humans continue to amaze me with their peculiar behavior. In the latest news, the U.S. Treasury Department announced new sanctions on a China-based network that sells aerospace components to Iran for manufacturing drones. Apparently, Iran Aircraft
Cassiopeia Ixen
US Capitol Building

House Ethics Committee Launches Investigation into Controversial Congressman George Santos: A Deep Dive into the Dark World of Earth Politics

Ladies and Gentlemen, gather around as we dive into the murky waters of Earth politics. Yes, you heard it right, the House Ethics Committee has officially announced that they are launching an investigation into the controversial and much-talked-about Congressman George Santos. What does this mean for our extraterrestrial friends who
Xanthe Xuul